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L.J. doodle by VitaniGal L.J. doodle :iconvitanigal:VitaniGal 1 3 Downtown Willows by VitaniGal Downtown Willows :iconvitanigal:VitaniGal 2 3 Chosen by Offendy by VitaniGal Chosen by Offendy :iconvitanigal:VitaniGal 1 1 Creepypasta Ponies by VitaniGal Creepypasta Ponies :iconvitanigal:VitaniGal 0 0
Childhood memories Chap2
 “Hey, Stel?” asked Jade slowly as they stood in front of their house.
 “Yes?” said Stella in a confused tone.
 “Are you sure mom and dad won’t hurt each other?”
 “I don’t know how to answer that, I used to think that they wouldn’t, but they’ve gotten worse…” Stella sighed.
 Jade frowned and looked down. In, response, Stella squeezed her hand comfortingly. Riley let go of Stella’s hand and walked to the other side of Stella to hug Jade.
  As they ended their hug, an old blue pick-up truck, blaring rock music, parked in front of them. A voice yelled “Get your butts in!” Stella helped the girls get into the fairly large back of the truck, and then hopped into the front passenger seat, and tied her hoodie around her waist.
 “S’up” T greeted her friend as she turned the music down.
Stella looked back to check on the girls, and then looked bac
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ChildHood Memories chap. 1
Childhood Memories:
Book 1
The Happiness of a Child
14 year-old Stella Baker (Bones) leaned against the tree and sat down. She got her laptop out of her bag and set it in her lap. She plugged in her Skullcandy headphones, blared NightCore in her head, and logged onto Deviantart to read some Death Note and Akatsuki fanfictions.
She was sitting in her favorite spot in the park; it was a peaceful spot, a little ways from the asphalt sidewalk/trail that circled the park, under the big oak trees next to the skate park, where she could here the skaters cursing as they failed doing tricks.
As she looked up from the story she was reading, she saw a couple about her age walking together with their hands intertwined. Even though she stuck her tongue out in disgust, she secretly longed for that to be her someday. She was so lost in her daydream that she barely even heard her phone go off louder than the music that she was listening to. When she realized her phone was going off, she quickly answer
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Alice in wonderland
A world covered in fear,
The dark hiding my lonely tears,
the sorrowful sea brings me near,
to the place of dreams,
where nothing is as it seems.
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San Fransisco Bridge by VitaniGal San Fransisco Bridge :iconvitanigal:VitaniGal 0 0 R.I.P. Juanita by VitaniGal R.I.P. Juanita :iconvitanigal:VitaniGal 0 1 Chibi Izzy by VitaniGal Chibi Izzy :iconvitanigal:VitaniGal 2 2 Me as a teen by VitaniGal Me as a teen :iconvitanigal:VitaniGal 0 1 Anti-Kikyo by VitaniGal Anti-Kikyo :iconvitanigal:VitaniGal 7 13 chibi Buttercup by VitaniGal chibi Buttercup :iconvitanigal:VitaniGal 3 10 konoha high spring pics-Tenten by VitaniGal konoha high spring pics-Tenten :iconvitanigal:VitaniGal 1 1 konoha high spring pics-Sasuke by VitaniGal konoha high spring pics-Sasuke :iconvitanigal:VitaniGal 1 0 konoha high spring pics-Sakura by VitaniGal konoha high spring pics-Sakura :iconvitanigal:VitaniGal 2 0


With You Until The End by YAMsgarden With You Until The End :iconyamsgarden:YAMsgarden 327 66 Lil Cal sewing tutorial Part 1 by lishlitz Lil Cal sewing tutorial Part 1 :iconlishlitz:lishlitz 596 62 Falling Apart Base by SuperRawrZ Falling Apart Base :iconsuperrawrz:SuperRawrZ 1,288 155 Protect Base by Pixel-Muffins Protect Base :iconpixel-muffins:Pixel-Muffins 5,229 692 'Sad Kid' base by Snowy-pixels 'Sad Kid' base :iconsnowy-pixels:Snowy-pixels 857 183 Crazy base by Pixelena Crazy base :iconpixelena:Pixelena 521 83 Halloween insane base by ToBiTaNk Halloween insane base :icontobitank:ToBiTaNk 1,686 183
Pressure {BEN Drowned x Reader}
When BEN had texted you on your phone to come and join him on his afternoon invitation, you had at first disregarded the thing away because getting high wasn’t something you weren’t much interested in, obviously you had better plans to do on your free afternoon other than messing up with your brain’s coherent thoughts. On the other hand, the idea, though absurd at the time of the message being sent, was still stuck in your head and when you found yourself staring at your ceiling blankly for at least ten minutes, you decided that maybe you could go and see why he did those sorts of things.
So you texted him, and awaiting his reply you began to look for another pair of clothes, going on pajamas to the guy’s house wasn’t something you were comfortable doing and due to the increase of the summer heat wave, your clothes selection was reduced to wearing anything that was modest or short. Your ears caught the sound of the familiar ping of a message being r
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Basketball - Ben Drowned x Reader (Request)
  You woke up and smiled. The sun was bright, the horizon was a colorful dawn, this seemed like a beautiful morning to have some (f/f) coffee and relax outside on the patio. It seemed all too quiet for the manor, but that was fine in your perspective. Quiet was something that this place needed more of.
  You stood up and the floor, instead of cold, was warm! Did someone actually take the time to click on the heat over night? Walking to the tall wardrobe, you pulled off your (f/c) robe from the hanger and slid it on.
  You waked downstairs and made a fresh mug of warm coffee, sipping on it lightly and embracing the delicious beverage in the peaceful aura.
  You slid on your (f/c) socks and walked out the glass slide door onto the smooth patio, sitting in a chair and smiling as you observed the trees that lined the yard.
  Just as the quiet began to ease in, a large basketball hit your arm causing the mug to knock out
:icongreysnowflake11:GreySnowflake11 141 24
A Furry Disaster ch. 2
A Furry Disaster
Cat!Jeff the Killer x Reader x Cat! Ben Drowned
Chapter 2
The bathroom door flew open, slamming against the wall from the force exerted on it. You couldn't care less about it in that moment however, you were too preoccupied with observing your reflection in the mirror trying to make a mental map of all the scratches that damn black and white tom left on your face. You gasped at what you saw, two long scratches extended from the ends of your mouth, making it appear as though you were grinning even if you weren't. "He tried carving a smile into my face."You murmured to yourself, staring at your image in disbelief.
Ben eyed you from his spot in your arms. You hadn't moved for a while and it was starting to tick him off. If you were going to stand there and stare at yourself in the mirror all day you could at least have the courtesy to put him down first. This cat had many important things to do, such as browsing the internet, scaring some poor sap through cleverbot, and a
:iconvecus-moonlight:Vecus-Moonlight 24 7
BEN drowned x Reader. Escape.
“____, I know you are in there.” Your Drunk Boyfriend yelled.
“If you don’t get out here right now I will Bust down this Door!”
Tears were slowly falling from my eyes as I was in the corner of the bedroom, with my Knees held to my chest.
Every time when ______ goes out with his friends, they go out drinking, and I always get tortured through the aftermath. I try to escape from this Hell hole, but there is nowhere to go. My parents died a long time ago, and I don’t have enough money to buy a house for myself. I am stuck here going through endless amounts of Pain.
Just someone save me..
The Door to the Bedroom was knocked off the Hinges and the Drunk man walked through.
“Next time I say Open the door. You better open the Door.” He grabbed me from the collar of my shirt, and slammed my back into the wall behind me. _____ l
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.:  I    M      F    I    N    E  :. by Lancelight .: I M F I N E :. :iconlancelight:Lancelight 39 61 My otp - Morby- by KiraiRei My otp - Morby- :iconkirairei:KiraiRei 871 75 More, More - Morby- by KiraiRei More, More - Morby- :iconkirairei:KiraiRei 799 86



United States
Life can be a hell or Life can be a paradise... Your choice..

Favourite genre of music: Stuff that speaks my life
Favourite style of art:
Favourite cartoon character: Gaara
Personal Quote: I Eat Rainbow Mushrooms!!!
Hey, to all my watchers out there, if you're in the creepypasta fandom, this is just a reminder that all (almost) the narrators, artists, just any one who does something for the fandom, is having a 24 hour livestream on Mr.creepypasta's channel, for charity and for the victim of the Wisconsin stabbing, to show that the creepypasta fandom is not a bunch of psychopaths, but just a group of people, who are actually pretty nice, who enjoy creepy stories and such.
I'm sorry if that confused you, I'm not good at explaining sometimes,
Stand up for creativity, not reality
Go watch it
Narrators uNIGHTed 24 hour Stream:
  • Listening to: Mr.creepypasta and others
  • Watching: the #narratorsuNIGHTed livestream


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